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We make collections of everyday items with a unique attention to detail. All of our items are created in our studios and we work constantly to bring these collections to the ever evolving state they are in. Our work is constantly changing and evolving.

Diatoms are single celled organisms that are the building blocks of life as we know it.  Technically, an algae, diatoms are among the most diverse species on the planet (with over 2 million types and new ones being discovered all the time).  In addition to being so cool, they also produce energy from the sun that other living things can use.  We find this so appealing to what we do because in a way, we feel like we take basic building blocks (materials) to create new things to bring to the world.  We hope these objects bring energy to everyone who uses them.  In addition, we feel like our products are truly one of a kind and there are infinite varieties of what we have to offer- we are even discovering new ones all the time just like our counterpart.
*Google Image Search: “Diatoms” for a nice surprise

This is Diane.
She is a sewer and crafter and loves to experiment with different fabrics and making new things all the time.  One of her favorite things to do is go to new cities and find cool fabric stores.

This is Tom.
He is a sculptor and wood worker and loves to experiment with different woods and salvaged materials.  One of his favorite things to do is build new things out of unlikely combinations of materials.


At Diatom Design, it is just as much about the process as it is about the end product.  Since we handmake everything, we have a lot of creativity going on in our home studios.  We enjoy our road trips to craft shows and get inspiration from our surroundings.  Thank you for supporting us in this process!


Our wood shop is where we can experiment with different techniques and methods.  We have a habit of collecting rare and exotic woods, as well as picking up salvageable wood wherever we can.


Our sewing studio houses a large selection of fabrics ranging in all directions.  We have a serious fabric addiction and our collection can prove it.  Here is where all the sewing magic happens and continues to bring new ideas.


We very much enjoy making everyday items that can be enjoyed to the utmost degree.  From unique concrete and wood planters, to custom screen printed notebooks and etched glassware, we make a wide variety of items for the home.